Friday, May 1, 2009

EconomPics of the Week - Bulls/Celts Game 7 Edition

With the weekend here, one quick question:

Are there any economic buffs reading this that are also sports fans, thus as excited as me about game 7 of the Bulls-Celtics series tomorrow night? If so, who wins?

Economic Data
Q1 GDP Down 6.1%
Historical GDP Breakdown (Through Q1 09)
ISM Contracts at Slower Level
Manufacturers Shipments Down
Japanese Prices Deflate
Chicago PMI: Less Pessimistic
Detroit's Auto / Housing Market Isn't its Only Problem
Japanese Industrial Production Up
European Exports
Deflation Alert: Wages Show Biggest Drop Since 195...
"Equal Pay Day" Still Hasn't Arrived
Investment Slump
Good News Alert! Consumer Expectations Rockets
CSPI Bounces Off Bottom, but Negative for Six Straight Month

Sports / Entertainment
Box Office Boom Continues...
Baseball Franchise Values... Mixed, but Holding Up...
Just One of the Guys

Swine Flu
Game Theory: Why the Swine Flu Panic is Good
Swine Perspective

US Consumer
The End of Spend?
Personal Consumption Sinks

Consumption Strength? Yes and No...

Asset Class Returns
Depression Equity Returns... Not So Bad
First 100 Days...
Asset Class Returns "Normalizing"?

Guess Who?