Sunday, May 10, 2009

Watch out Hack Wilson

A little (or a lot) off topic, but the stats Evan Longoria is putting up in 2009 are unreal (for non-baseball fans, Hack Wilson knocked in 191 runs in 1930). Upon Further Review with the details:

It's still too early to talk about things like the fact that Albert Pujols is on pace to hit 59 home runs or Zack Greinke is on pace to go 32-5 with 316 strikeouts, zero home runs allowed and a record-breaking ERA of 0.51. However, there is one fast start that I want to highlight now that we're five weeks into the season: Evan Longoria's 44 RBIs. That puts Longoria on pace to drive in 236 runs this season.

Will Longoria drive in 236 runs? No. But consider this. If Longoria were to maintain a more attainable, but still amazing, pace of 150 RBI/162 games over the course of Tampa Bay's 130 remaining games, he would drive in 120 runs between now and the end of the season. Add the 44 RBIs he already has in his hip pocket, then he'd finish with 164 RBIs. That would be the most since Manny Ramirez's 165 ribbies in 1999.

Source: Yahoo Sports


  1. Five weeks into the season and you have it all figured out already? Let me know who's going to win the divisions, penants and the series so I can get the bets down, would you?

  2. Mets, Mets, and Mets... you're all set!