Monday, May 18, 2009

Apple: Greedy and/or Complacent

I enjoy Greenday from my youth (Dookie was released just as I was becoming an expert at being a "bored teenager"), thus I took a look at purchasing the new album from the I-Tunes Store. I was taken aback by the price ($14.99! CD's USED to cost $14.99, but downloads in 2009?). So, I decided to take a look at Amazon MP3. Same album and an automatic load to I-Tunes for... $4.99.

Has Apple's dominance made it complacent or do they have the ability to overcharge users by 300% purely because people are too lazy to search for a better deal? While I do love my IPhone and IPod, I know where I'll be going to for music going forward.


  1. That's partially why I've never bought a single track from iTunes. The few that I have bought were from Amazon but that was b/c they were higher quality and unprotected. (That was before iTunes went unprotected and upped the bit rate.) There's an iTunes plugin out there that will do comparison shopping for you. It checks Amazon and iTunes and possibly other stores.

  2. Umm, don't look now, but it's actually $11.99 on Amazon, not $4.99.

  3. guess i got the newbie discount...