Friday, May 15, 2009

YoY CPI Drops Most Since 1955

All in transportation, but disconcerting regardless. Bloomberg reports:

“Demand simply remains too weak for most businesses to find any success in pushing through price hikes at this point, Russell Price, a senior economist at Ameriprise Advisor Services in Detroit, said before the report. “Widespread price cuts however, are also unlikely especially given the recent evidence that the economy may be stabilizing.”

From a year ago, consumer prices fell 0.7 percent, the biggest decline since 1955. Excluding food and energy, prices climbed 1.9 percent from April 2008.


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Source: BLS


  1. Jake,
    Can you annualise the MoM CPI data? When you put the MoM data along with the YoY data, I can hardly distinguish which is which.



  2. that's kind of the point. these changes are tiny, but the media makes it out to be of huge importance. the much more important figures are the YoY changes because they show the actual trend. which has generally been deflationary