Friday, May 15, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (5/15/09)

Economic Data
Capacity Utilization at Lowest Level Since 1967
Empire State Manufacturing
YoY CPI Drops Most Since 1955
Producers Price Index (April)
A Decline in Retail Sales is a "Surprise"... Really?
Trade Balance Flat in March
Unwanted Part Time Worker Spike

Europe Crushed... GDP Down 2.5% QoQ
Fighting "Deflation" Irish
Japanese Exports to China > to U.S.
Chinese Exports: "Second Derivative" Turns Negative
Chinese CPI Still Negative

Sports / Random
Yankees Economics
The Second Derivative of Green Shoots is Positive!
Watch out Hack Wilson
Government Receipts Down 34% Year over Year
It Pays to Lobby
We're All Euro Now: Government Spending at 45% of GDP

Asset Classes / Markets
Yield Curve to Predict Equity Markets? Yes and No
Financials Rocketed, But Is There Any Fuel Left?
Coffee Crisis? Not really...


  1. Hi Jake, what do you make of the following two inverted pyramids. Would it be possible for you to break these down as well? Many thanks for the good work you do.


    (The above graphic is from an article at



  2. thanks for the kind words!

    unfortunately i am swamped with "real job" stuff so unable to spend too much time on this, but there is a ton of material already on the WWW.

    it does remind me of john exter's inverted triangle, which is currently used as marketing material by many gold sites...

    Here's one: