Friday, May 29, 2009

Movie Bonanza Historical Context

As we've detailed a few times prior, 2009 is on pace to be one of the best years of the past 30 years (all the data I have) in both nominal and real terms.

Top Grossing Movie - Year - Actual $$ - 2009 $$

I'm still trying to grasp how Three Men and a Baby was the #1 grossing film of 1987...

Source: Box Office Mojo


  1. There's something seriously wrong with these numbers. $10,000 million? Surely, no film in history has grossed anything remotely close to $10 billion at the box office. Titanic grossed something like $600 million in the US, if I recall correctly, and is still the all-time leader or close to it.

  2. Greg -- The films listed on the left were the top grossing film of that year, but the bar chart is showing the total box office revenue for all films in that year.

  3. Jake,

    Thomas William Selleck.