Friday, May 8, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (5/8/09) - 1000 Posts to Date Edition

Economic Data
Wholesale Sales Debacle Continues...
ISM Services: Contracting at Slower Rate
Chinese Manufacturing Expands
Chinese Power Generation... The Other Side of the Story
Construction Spending on the Rise: Religious Facilities Not So Much
April's Ugly Auto Sales...
Retail Sales: Discount and Teen = Good
Productivity Up; Hours / Output Down

Net Claims is What Matters
ADP Employment Report Shows Improvement
Government Payroll Warping Overall Data?
Gap Between "Haves" and "Have Nots" Widens
Unemployment to 8.9%; Broader to 15.8%

Banks / Credit
SCAP Results
Consumer Credit Contracts...
Stress Test Capital Requirements vs. Total Assets

Assets / Markets
Underwater Houses
What Comes Down... Must Go Up
A Home on the Cheap(er)
The Good: S&P 500 Up on the Year; The Bad: Back to 1997 Levels
Pending Home Sales Up
Hedge Fund Rebound Continues
GM in Picture Form... It's Ugly
"Maturity Premium" Approaching 20 Year High
The New "Distressed" Assets

Happy Odd Day!
Obama to Cut 0.5% of Budget... Is This a Joke?
You Can't Buy a Championship... or Can You?

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