Friday, September 3, 2010

EconomPics of the LONG Holiday Weekend

Economic Data

ISM Services: So Much for Jobs Growth
Unemployment Rate to Remain Elevated
Employment Report Beats Forecasts
Productivity Down... Is this Finally the Employment Bottom
ADP Points to Limited / No Employment Recovery

Personal Income Breakdown
Personal Income Slow to Rebound

Euro Area GDP Revised Higher
Japanese Autos Getting Crushed
Chinaustralia Economy Jumps
Consumer Confidence Jumps Slightly... Flat Year over Year


"Secret Sauce" Makes a New High
Housing Prices Continue Rebound Due to Tax Credits...
Housing (Greed - Fear - Bottom) Cycle
ISM Manufacturing Beats... Market Explodes Higher
Is the Low Quality Rally in Corporates Over?

And your video of the week... in keeping up with the 90's theme Hum with Stars (forgot how much this song rocked):

Happy Labor Day to everyone who is fortunate enough to be labor these days!


  1. DAMN Jake!

    You got all the best graphs, the secret sauce, and the sickest friday music picks! Loved that one, and had never heard it before so thanks!

  2. Thank you sir. Enjoy the holiday!

  3. Great stuff as always - Chinaustralia was my fave this week...never heard the song before either - is fantastic. Keep up the good work, is much appreciated!