Friday, September 24, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (9/24/10)

Economic Data
Growth Recession
The Case Against Austerity
Durable (Not So) Goods
Leading Indicators: Low Borrowing Rates... Languising Jobs Market
End of Recession / No End of Private Sector Delevering

Investing / Asset Classes
Am I Deaf? Gold Up... Inflation Down Edition
Microsoft... Borrowing on the CHEAP
European Manufacturing Rebound Hits Speed Bump
QE2 is Coming
Housing Off Lows... Slightly
Correction: Momentum.... Shmomentum

What Parity?

Your video of the week, some good old Weezer with Don't Let Go...

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  1. Great stuff all week! Waiting on some tunage, I just posted 7 tunes but no hurry!

    I am taking the Dolphins Sunday night this week and Monday night next week. Unreal, maybe Miami is the best!?