Monday, September 13, 2010

Stay in School

Interesting analysis from the BLS detailing the average number of weeks worked for all individuals over a 30 year period (1978-2008). As we've seen before, education has a HUGE impact on the percent employed for those very uneducated, but surprisingly not for those finishing high school (I personally expect the high school category to be dragged down in coming years ).

Source: BLS


  1. I disagree on results for HS students getting worse. A degree
    cost much more than it is worth
    because only 66% of the new job
    require any formal training after after HS and 1/3 are getting college degrees and another 20% are getting two-year degrees and the extra supply is just pushing wages down for educated people. Many sharp HS students will figure this out and rather than borrow money for education will save as they work and go into business.

  2. antonw- you state opinion as fact and figures do not match your opinion.

    while many advanced degrees are very expensive, there are alternatives (county and state schools). there was article on the attractiveness of a state degree just today in the wsj (

    recommending a HS degree and dropping out works for some, but is a poor decision for most in my opinion.

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