Friday, September 17, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (9/17/10)

There were some major RSS issues this week (posts took 2+ days to post in some cases), so for those last missed it and can provide me with some currency insight, please see: Help Jake Understand: Yen Intervention Edition.

Otherwise, enjoy the weekend!

The Power of Momentum
VIX Curve Whacked
On the Value of Treasuries
Housing over the LONG Term
China is NOT Selling Treasuries
Mortgage Rates and Housing Prices
Help Jake Understand: Yen Intervention Edition

Economic Data
No Inflation or Disinflation?
Producer Prices Up Due to Energy
Manufacturing Rebound Stalling
Are Retail Sales Overstated?
Retail Sales: Bifurcated Growth
Industrial Production over the LONG Term
Stay in School
Trade Balance Narrows in July
Employment: Is this Time Different?

And your video of the week... the Dirty Heads with Lay Me Down (fun fact, singer Rome Ramirez is the new front man for a reformed Sublime)


  1. Cool tune! I thought that kid in the hood was the kid from Superbad!

    Great stuff this week; even Mish stopped in! WOWZA.

  2. P.S.,
    Good luck on Sunday, been plenty of gabbing by both teams all week. Should be a full throttle tilt for sure.

  3. Hoping for a non-sloppy game... Good luck sir

  4. Non-sloppy and dominant! Jets blow away the Pats tonight!

    Great game by your crew.

    Darius Butler should go to jail.