Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ten Year Yields: Higher or Lower?

Higher --> Supply: Across the Curve

Treasury bonds are taking a severe drubbing and the yield on the benchmark 10 year note is approximately at the level which prevailed on the day when the Federal Reserve announced quantitative ease (2.96 percent currently).

One participant noted that the 200 day moving average on the Long Bond was 3.798 percent and the market penetrated that level this morning as a sharp knife would melting butter.

Lower --> Quantitative Easing / Continued Economic Deterioration: Zero Hedge

There has been a lot of criticism of Big Ben (us included) but one thing that has come out is he is not afraid to take relatively risky moves to combat whatever he perceives as the biggest threat. As we have noted before, he has clearly revealed his playbook in the past and we see little indication that he will stray from it going forward. On the balance between inflation and deflation, much has been made of the Chinese response if we try to print our way out of this situation but the much larger problem has always been deflation. Combining what we know about the available policy options and the effectiveness of the last round of QE, we have to believe that more purchases of long rates are on the table as a serious consideration.

Source: Yahoo

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