Monday, April 27, 2009

Box Office Boom Continues...

As mentioned a few times already at EconomPic, the box office continues to show strength during this economic downturn as movie goers look for a cheap source of entertainment to forget about their surroundings. Even with the amazing weather on the east coats, this week was no exception. Time reports:

Enough customers were transfixed by the fatal-distraction drama Obsessed to place it at the top of the weekend's box office chart with a surprisingly robust $28.5 million, according to early studio estimates. The PG-13 thriller more than doubled the take of its nearest competitor, 17 Again, and earned nearly as much over the weekend as the total of the three other movies that opened in wide release. It is the all-time highest grosser (surpassing the 2004 Lindsay Lohan-Tiny Fey comedy Mean Girls) for the last weekend in April, when traditionally hardly anyone goes to the movies.
Obsessed marks the fourth release from 2009 that makes up the top 11 April openings ever.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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