Friday, April 24, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (4/24/09)

Opinion / Other
Torture: Should We Just Ignore It And Move On? Please briefly read this post and if you feel an additional investigation needs to take place, sign the petition telling Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the torture further
Inequality and Entitlement
The One Recession Proof Area Within Finance

Economic Data
Leading Economic Indicators (March)
Where's the Defense? New Orders Down (March)
UK GDP Down Most in 30 Years
European Manufacturing Crash - February
IMF: Negative Global Growth for First Time Since WWII
Deflationary Cycle: UK Edition

IMF: $2.8 Trillion in Estimated Writedowns by Banks
T - 30 Minutes to Stress Test: Above or Below 3% T.C.E.?

Assets / Markets
Crude Oil Inventory Rise Continues
A Positive Outcome from Foreclosures
Ten Year Yields: Higher or Lower?
10% on Top of 2 and 20% No Longer Sensible?
S&P Earnings and 6% Growth...
2008 Corporate Profits vs. Market Cap (Top 10)


  1. any way you can add a "sharethis" button to your posts. it would be nice to repost a synopsis of your articles along with link on other sites.