Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good News Alert! Consumer Expectations Rockets

Yahoo details:

The Conference Board says that its Consumer Confidence Index rose 12 points to 39.2, up from a revised 26.9 in March. The reading marks the highest point since November and well surpasses economists' expectations for a level of 29.5. The Expectations Index, which measures how shoppers feel about the economy over the next six months, skyrocketed to 49.5 from 30.2 in March.


  1. Wait a minute!

    I thought that the market tended to move opposite the direction of consumer sentiment. And the same was true about the economy.

    Shudn't I be short now???

  2. The real question is why anyone would be more optimistic about the future when the government is looking to take over more industries, raise every household’s taxes by $3900/year by enacting a "cap & trade" scam. The feds are going to release the results of the stress tests in a few days which will either put one or more banks into bankruptcy or lie and declare all banks to be in great shape.