Tuesday, August 25, 2009

North Dakota or Bust

Daily Vidette reports:

Students who have recently graduated, or are planning to graduate soon, may find relief from the current recession in an unlikely place: North Dakota. Despite the recession, North Dakota has vacant job postings as well as a state budget surplus and has one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates.

Compared to other states, North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, at just 4.2 percent. It also has a $1.2 billion budget surplus, according to an MSNBC article.

The state, which boasts more than 9,000 unfilled jobs, held a series of job fairs in other states that have been decimated by the recession, and even hired a talent recruiter to create an inviting Web site to bring in those looking for work.
According to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, North Dakota’s Gross Domestic Product grew 7.3 percent since 2007.

Here are all the unemployment rates by state (had to break them up to made them legible). Notice North Dakota ALL the way at the bottom. I don't think I could live there after seeing this though.

Top 25

Bottom 26

Source: BLS