Tuesday, August 11, 2009

$4 Trillion Down... Up to $9 Trillion to Go

Click for Ginormous Chart of Taxpayer Outlays

Source: Bianco Research via Ritholtz' The Big Picture

Update: The above chart is a direct reproduction of the Bianco table. Jake (i.e. me) spent no effort verifying the data, which long time reader dblwyo believes may be off:
My own inspection indicates that there are many different instruments here - that flows are very badly confused with stocks - and that authorities with actual outlays.

That set of mistakes is being made all over, e.g. with the arguments that all the bailouts exceed WW2. Excuse me authorizations for credit authorities are what percent of the real economy and represent what level of disruption in the situation ?

I find it fascinating that the stimulus isn't working at all (not true btw) yet it's more massive than WW2 :) ! Amazing.