Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sanchez Leads J-E-T-S Past Bengals

Yahoo Sports details:

One playoff game into his career, Mark Sanchez is giving a pretty good off-Broadway performance.

So are the rest of the New York Jets, who are no longer an overlooked team after dismantling the AFC North champions twice within a week.

Any more doubters?

With their rookie quarterback playing mistake-free, the Jets turned their surprising playoff appearance into a long-running production Saturday. Sanchez threw a touchdown pass, and the NFL’s top running game took it from there, setting up a 24-14 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Sanchez looked like a playoff pro, joining Shaun King, Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger as rookie quarterbacks to win postseason starts. At times, Sanchez found himself on the sideline soaking it all in.


  1. Jake,

    Sanchez looked like a playoff pro

    As a detached, yet interested observer I disagree. Sanchez is the weak link in an otherwise very good team.

    Sanchez has a mediocre arm and a very poor ability to see the field (he's done if the first receiver isn't wide open). His ability to perform in a collapsing pocket is abysmal. Apart from the suspect arm strength, hopefully the rest can be attributed to "rookie" learning curve issues.

    The defense and run games are outstanding. The chargers should be worried. The Jets are NOT a pushover.

  2. i agree with all of the above, but will add that for a guy without a huge arm, he throws a mean deep ball (though 4 of 5 times, edwards will drop it).

  3. Jake,
    As a statistician, I had to laugh at a histogram with a sample size of 4 and a data range from 1 to 2!
    This is data that really doesn't benefit from graphic visualization.

  4. Eric- what are you talking about... the chart is beautiful! (kidding).

    That won't stop me from updating it with every J-E-T-S win.