Friday, January 15, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (J-E-T-S Division Playoff Edition)

Opinion / Analysis / Random
Pub Power Equity Signal Turns Negative
Becoming French?
The "Recession Generation"
Sanchez Leads J-E-T-S Past Bengals

Digger Deeper
An Alternative Unemployment Rate.... at 11.7%
Is 16-19 Year Old Unemployment at 37.1%?
Inflation is Not an Issue...
On the Retail Inventory "Bounce"
Breaking Down Wholesale Inventories
Production Continues to Recover

Economic Data
Unemployment to Job Opening Ratio Jumps Again
Consumer Deleveraging Continues
Retail Sales Disappoint
Is Australia in Full Recovery Mode?
U.S. Treasury Deficit More than 10% of GDP

And for your video of the week... I'd like to introduce you all to Bruce "B" Manley and his trick basketball shots. After my first viewing I believed this was as real as the [insert misleading government data joke here], but apparently it is.

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