Tuesday, January 5, 2010

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets

Will this post be relevant for 99% of you? Doubt it, but please tell me there are some Jets fans (or at least NFL fans) who read this blog...

Do the Jets deserve to be in the playoffs?

While there are plenty of critics that state no (to "sneak" into the playoffs they beat the Colts who rested their starters, followed by the Bengals who had already locked up a wild card playoff spot), I believe they do. Having ended the season winners of 5 of 6, they played the Colts tight (a one possession game when the Colts gave up) and blew the Bengals out even when their starters were playing. In addition, over the full course of the season they allowed the least number of points in the league, led the league in total rushing, AND were 7th in the league in point differential (points scored less allowed).

And that relationship (point differential) was a remarkably accurate predictor of teams that would make the playoffs (top 10 all made it).

But, to sums things up lets go to Av Sinesky of The Vertex:

As I walked back to the car after the game, I received an email from my dad. "Cold day in hell arrives," he wrote, ending off a regular season that I had insisted early on would be defined as distinct from those my father had endured. This team with a bold new head coach, a dazzling rookie quarterback, and a tenacious defense, were not my father's Jets. And although they spent much of the season trying to prove me wrong, in the end, they vindicated me. My father's Jets would have been a team that despite leading the league in defense and rushing, would have missed the playoffs. But these Jets made the playoffs despite having a rookie coach and a mistake-prone rookie quarterback and despite having an 0-5 record in games decided by fewer than five points. My father's Jets would have been a team that missed the playoffs despite starting out 3-0; these Jets made the playoffs despite a mediocre 4-6 record heading into the home stretch. My father's Jets would have apologized for a lucky break; these Jets realize they have nothing to be sorry for.
Source: ESPN


  1. Diehard Jets Fan here!

    #1 Rushing Offense
    #1 Defense

    Who should be in the playoffs if not a team who owns stats like that?

    There will be no question after beating Cinci this Saturday!

  2. Jake,

    My wife and her entire family are die hard Jets fans. I've witnessed the disappointment and heartache first hand for 25 years. Not pretty!

    I will note that Jet fans have caught a bit of a break as a result of deflation. The season ticket prices in the mezzanine of the new stadium were cut from ~ $500/game to $250/game. And the $250 still includes club access - Woohoo!

  3. jets and mets fan here... talk about heartache!