Friday, July 24, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (7/24/09)

After a brutal week of travel, I'm looking forward to getting around to some "detailed" analysis next week. As always, if you want to keep up with anything interesting I find over the weekend, check out EconomPic at

Economic Data
States are Broke
Unemployment Across the United States
Leading Economic Indicators Jump in June

Real Estate
Flip That "Worthless" House
Existing Home Sales (and Prices) Rise in June
60% of Those Unemployed Can't Get a Job Within 1 Year
CRE: I Think the Shoe Just Dropped

UK Economy Shrinks by Record Level
China's Balancing Act
China Now Accounts for ~20% of All Japanese Export...
European Industrial New Orders Slip in May

Asset Classes
Bubble or Bull?
Nasdaq Up 50% Since March 9th
Is Volatility Cheap?
Microsoft Revenue "Freezes"... Company Looks to "Reboot”
Was the Goldman TARP Payback Below Market Value?
The Dollar is Overvalued... But Against What?
When $3 Trillion Seems Like Small Potatoes

Mark Buehrle's Perfect Game

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