Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bruno Ist Nicht Borat

Some lighter news...

The NY Daily News predicted two weeks back that Bruno's opening week haul wasn't as strong as it may have first appeared:

Sacha Baron Cohen's "Brüno" sashayed to first place at the box office, but in the end its debut weekend wound up not being so wunderbar.

"Brüno" earned a very respectable $30.4 million, but took in nearly half of the weekend total on Friday night as earnings tumbled Saturday and Sunday.

Revenues for hit movies typically go up on Saturday, so the nosedive for "Brüno" could be a sign that it lacks the shelf life that made Cohen's "Borat" a $100 million smash.
And they were right. But, I'm not even sure they realized how large the fall would be. After that $30.4 million opening weekend, the movie has cliff dived and was down more than 70% each of the past two weekends.

Maybe the world is just not ready for a gay Austrian celebrity wanna be...

Source: Box Office Mojo


  1. The correct way to say that would be "Bruno ist nicht Borat"

    Great site, love your graphs.

  2. I'd rather say that Brüno is just a second helping of Borat leftovers.

    A friend of mine, who's a big Borat fan wasn't really thrilled about Brüno. So I decided I'd give it a pass.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I liked "Bruno is nein Borat" better myself. ;)