Friday, July 10, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (7/10/09)

Well, apparently my two week vacation invigorated me as I don't recall posting this many "long" posts (i.e. not just a chart and a link) ever. I hope you all enjoyed, but don't expect it to continue. Especially over the next two weeks as I will be a BUSY traveler for my "day" job.

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Help Jake Invest...
The Ultimate Armageddon Stock
Hedge Funds Continue to Outperform Equities
Hedge Fund Performance Since '02
Q2 Earnings: Front and Center

Capacity Utilization vs. Inflation
I'm Impressed with the Fit...
Used Cars and the Inflation / Deflation Tug of War...
ISM Prices Paid Up... End of Deflation Concerns?

The "Exhaustion Rate" Underestimates the Issue
The "Joys" of the Unemployed Teenager

Other Economic Data
Will the U.S. Become an Export Nation?
Same Stores Sales Suck More Than Anticipated
Consumer Credit (May): Down 4th Straight Month
Wholesale: Sales Up, Inventories Down
Good News Alert! New Orders less Inventory Jumps
The Paradox of Thrift
Contraction is not an Improvement: Services Edition

Aussie Miracle Waning
Japanese Economy "Unexpectedly" Crumbling
German Factory Orders Up 4.4% on the Month... Down 29.4% YoY
British Industrial Production Surprises to Downside
Japanese "Optimism"?

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