Friday, July 24, 2009

Microsoft Revenue "Freezes"... Company Looks to "Reboot"

Omnious signs when the bellwether software company posts its first ever year over year decline in revenue (down 3% for FY09 vs. FY 08 and 17% Q4 09 vs. Q4 08). NY Times details:

Microsoft has closed out perhaps its most difficult year as a public company in less than stellar fashion. On Thursday, the company significantly missed Wall Street’s fourth-quarter revenue target and reported the first decline in full-year revenue in its 34-year history.
Because of the global recession and a slumping PC market, Microsoft has suffered a number of historic lows the last seven months. In January, it initiated large-scale layoffs for the first time in its history. Sales of its flagship Windows software have also declined for the first time ever, as consumers and businesses cut back on PC purchases during the economic downturn.

Source: Microsoft