Friday, January 23, 2009

EconomPics of the Week: Global Edition (1-23-09)

Global Economy Coming to Halt
Don't Mention Decoupling in Asia
Chinese Unemployment Projected at 30 Year High
Spain Downgraded... Ireland to Follow?
UK GDP Down at Lowest QoQ Level in 29 Years
Russian Reserves Sink
Global Banking Sector Struggles

Asset Classes
Is Oil Ready to Crash?
Real Yields Matter
California Freeze Up: Are Munis Still Safe?
Not All AA Bonds are the Same
Investment Grade Bonds: Attractively Priced, But With Reason
Spreads: Not Seen Since the Great Depression
From "Crowding Out", to "Running Away"

Beware the Media's “Obama Rally”
Out With the Outgoing Overly Optimistic View on the Economy

Greed / Newspapers / The Feel Bad Rainbow
"Pimp My Ride": Thain's $1.2 Million Office Remodel
Death of the Newspaper
A Feel Bad Rainbow: Job Cuts YTD