Friday, January 16, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (1-16-09)

Going Global
Help Jake Understand: Is it Possible that a Country Will Leave the Eurozone?
The Irish Dr. Doom... or Just an Exaggerating Economist?
Irish Home Prices... In Gold
Chinese Exports Plunge

Economic Data
Consumer Price Index (December)
Inventory / Sales Ratio Spikes
Deficit as a Percent of GDP
Producers Price Index Breakdown (December)
Retail Crushed
U.S. Trade Deficit Down Most in 12 Years
Wholesale Trade: Sales Cliff Dive
Recession Defined... Capacity Under-utilized

Bailout / Stimulus
Stimulus Projected to Save 3.675mm Jobs... 3mm Too Little.
Draft of $550 Billion in Government Stimulus Spend
First Third of TARP Could Cost Taxpayers $64 Billion

Banks / Corporations
JP Morgan 'Fee Income' by Business Segment
Alcoa $1.19 Billion Loss vs, Commodity Markets
Oil Tankers are a Banks Best Friend

Loose Credit and Autos
Auto Bubble Breakdown
Receipts Down, Outlays Up = Soaring Deficit
Fixed Mortgage Rates at Less than 4.5%


  1. Hi Jake! I think your graphs are really helpful! :D!! Thanks for everything you do :)

    - Gaby

  2. Hi, mostly just want to say "Thanks!" I started visiting your site every morning a couple of weeks ago and really enjoy it.

    Did you see this?

    When I scrolled down to the graph, I really went *gulp*.

    I read somewhere that there's an office in the Treasury where a couple of guys sit and watch as auction results come in, and they keep some old steel army helmets around to wear on bad days.

    I'd go try to find one on Ebay right now, because I think I'll be needing one if I keep up with your site, but I figure they'll be cheaper if I wait a bit. ;)


  3. Gaby- I appreciate the note
    Alan- get me one of those helmets