Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Hedge Fund Breakdown... Where's the Hedging?

Naked Capitalism points out the troubles ahead for hedge funds (the crazy thing is the poor returns all around may save them):

It is hard to work up much sympathy for newly-less-well-off hedge fund managers, given how rich the good times were. Nevertheless, they face continued pressure from redemptions, and (for most) high water mark provisions mean that they will probably get no or little in the way of upside fees (the 20 of the "2 and 20" formula) this year.

In the past, when that happened to hedge funds, they often imploded, as did Julian Robertson's Tiger Funds, because the staff decamps to funds where the funds aren't in a performance/fee hole and they stand to share in fat performance fees. But with the whole industry contracting, and many funds suffering fee pressure, mobility is not likely to be great.

Source: Barclays Capital

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