Friday, January 23, 2009

"Pimp My Ride": Thain's $1.2 Million Office Remodel

Naked Capitalism reports John Thain spent upwards of $1.2mm on an upgrade of his "suite" upon joining Merrill Lynch. After all, what's a million here and there when you're losing 10-50,000x that (yes... 50,000x that). Below is a breakout of ~$400k of that total (rumor has it the other $800k was to hire celeb designer Michael Smith).

But really... who doesn't need a $1400 parchment "waste can"? At least it's not a $1400 "garbage can", that would be insane.

Speaking of cans, I look forward to seeing the size of Thain's exit package for getting "canned".

I'll set the over / under at $30mm.


  1. Agree completely but i suppose that he found the original office unlivable much like the new occupants of the white house found ...... come to think of it they hired the same designer.

  2. and both paid with taxpayer money