Friday, January 23, 2009

"Pimp My Ride": Thain's $1.2 Million Office Remodel

Naked Capitalism reports John Thain spent upwards of $1.2mm on an upgrade of his "suite" upon joining Merrill Lynch. After all, what's a million here and there when you're losing 10-50,000x that (yes... 50,000x that). Below is a breakout of ~$400k of that total (rumor has it the other $800k was to hire celeb designer Michael Smith).

But really... who doesn't need a $1400 parchment "waste can"? At least it's not a $1400 "garbage can", that would be insane.

Speaking of cans, I look forward to seeing the size of Thain's exit package for getting "canned".

I'll set the over / under at $30mm.