Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is So F'n Funny?

WSJ (hat tip Infectious Greed) details:

Before settling in Sunday for your 10-hour NFL binge, there's a pretty good chance you'll watch the hour-long pregame shows. There's also a pretty good chance you'll notice something slightly odd about their hosts: They never stop laughing.

Source: WSJ


  1. Excellent question.

    The sad truth is that being fake is good for ratings.

    I guess most people are either fooled (brain dead) or at least think "that's nice".

    For us, thought, suffering. One of the worst kinds.

  2. I think the graph stacks up nicely based on level of enebriation during a broadcast. I still watch though!

  3. Well, I think it's obvious that Bradshaw has taken a few too many hits... but isn't it actually more amazing that CBS got Cowher to laugh. That dude always looks pissed off.

  4. 40 seconds doesn't seem like that much.