Friday, October 8, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (10/8/10)

Asset Classes
On the Value of Gold
QE Response Has Been Strong
Equity Rally or Dollar Sell-Off
Race to the Bottom

Economic Data
Business School Unemployment
A Nation of "Slackers"
Employment Bifurcation: Government Down - Private Employment Up
Consumer Credit Breakdown
ADP Employment Rolling Over
Services Sector Expands... Exports Lead the Way

And your video of the week... in honor of QEII, Alice in Chain with Down in a Hole


  1. Great materail all week, it was a wild one.

    I love that song and the live version is incredibly sad because of what that tune means to the lead singer, now gone.

  2. I hate thinking about the guy and that band, but I am ending my post with one of theirs. So sad really.