Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're #7! We're #7!

Zerohedge details:

While the US was #1 10 years ago, due to an abysmal growth rate of only 23%, by far the lowest of all the ranked countries, the US has now dropped from first to seventh, falling behind such countries as Sweden and France.
While the US was in fact still a distant #2 behind Switzerland in 2000 (60% less for the Swiss was $232k / head, while 23% less for the US was $192k), the relative results since 2000 are still rather sobering.

Source: Credit Suisse


  1. mostly forex effect i'd say.

    today 1CHF = 1USD

    10years ago 1CHF = 0.5 USD

  2. does that change the result (i.e. make it less important) or show that there are certain things that can be detrimental when devaluing one's currency?

  3. Maybe looking at the influx of immigrants (less wealth) skews this number also?

  4. jake, very gd work

  5. feeling that global economy, more of emerging mkt, and some recovery of us aminal spirits (consumers and investors) will drive s&p index higher,mid term;

    short term, peer pressure for fund mgers racing to year end

  6. I'm not an economist, I'm a biologist. As a casual 'gold' standard, I simply look at the price of gasoline and bread over generations. Certainly, by this standard, the bushcabal era devalued the USD by >66% and still sinking from the residual effects of this financial and literal (see War) rape of the American people, led into debt slavery and despair. It's way past time that we round up and hang these people. Hang. By the neck. Until dead. Treason deserves no less. Disease deserves no less. We are a diseased society, the body is ill because the head is ill, and if our collective immune system remains paralyzed and continues to allow our passive supine response to the crimes committed against us by the TRUE enemies of America, the abuse will continue and worsen, and the emergence of a Hitler is inevitable. Good luck, kids, finding happiness in a Faux News shaped America.


  7. Australia would probably be on there for two reasons. Firstly, our currency has valued a lot in the last decade. Secondly, we're still going through a huge housing bubble because of lack of supply (released land) and favourable tax conditions for RE investors. The average home loan here is 7x the household income. People with a decent family home in a major city are technically millionaires.

  8. The above graph is not per capita income. It's average wealth. Quite the strange statistic. What does it mean? Switzerland is #1. This is probably because the world saves their money in Switzerland. Obviously, it would have the most wealth per person; it's the world's neutral bank. U.S. was #2 ten years ago, right behind switzerland. What prompted this change in the past ten years? Perhaps a massive increase in accounting laws making it wiser for rich people to store their money in other countries? Perhaps the start of America's semi-hostile foreign relations policy?

    Regardless, this statistic means nothing more than: Where does the world feel safe to store their money.

    Also, where do you get the 23% statistic? 23% is next to impossible. Last time I checked, singapore was first with around 18% growth rate. 23% would put us in first place by a mile.