Friday, July 30, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (7/30/10)

Economic Data

Great Recession was Worse than Thought
GDP Growth Slows... Spike in Business Investment
Q1 GDP Revised Up One Full Point
Leading Indicators... More Fed Please
Durable Goods Off
Consumers Getting Realistic
Chicago Fed Details a Slowing Economy

Japanese Exports Halfway There
Signs of Life in Europe
The British are Coming... Back

Asset Class Performance

End of the World Trade Unwind
Earnings Season has Been Strong
Home Prices Jumped in May... Test Comes Next Month
Got Yield?
Europe's Pecking Order
Existing Home Sales Under Pressure

And your video of the week Spoon with 'Jonathon Fisk' (who happens to be opening for Arcade Fire at next week's show at MSG, which I will be attending):


  1. Have a great weekend you indie rock fiend!

  2. Jake,
    last post I was not trying to be an idiot, though I often accomplish that!

    Peace offering:

  3. gotta love the RHCP, though not quite sure what i'm supposed to be offended by.

    enjoy the weekend GYSC... look forward to see what you grill up next.

  4. I got St. Louis ribs up for today's cooking effort.