Friday, July 9, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (7/9/10)

I’m going to claim a solid week at EconomPic. I liked my posts (especially considering the shortened week / loads of travel) and made some pretty nice $$ / got lucky combining this post and this post.

Asset Classes
Things That Make You Go Hmmm.....
Earnings Jump... Cause for Economic Concern?
Hedge Funds Remain Under Pressure
Equities for the LOOOOONNNNGGGG Run

Economic Data
How is Spending Still Strong?
Consumer Credit Freefall
ISM Services: Slow Growth

The Employment Depression
The Aussie Miracle Continues
Where are those jobs at?
Bron Bron... a Go Go

And in honor of some good news coming out of Asia and US markets... Descendents with Hope (please tell me I have one reader who grew up listening to these guys):


  1. I like this weeks material as well. Wonder what the video will be....

    Have a great weekend and stay cool, its hot basically everyplace!

  2. Well if I know the film "Thrashin" then you know I am going to know the Hermosa Beach Punk boys!

  3. i don't even know that reference... impressive