Friday, April 16, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (4/16/10)

Must Read (if I do say so myself)
Investing in a Low Return Environment... It's All Relative

Economic Data

The Good
More on Oil's Impact on Consumption
Inventories Growing to Meet Final Demand
What Consumer Slump?
Housing Permits "Bounce"
What Housing Overbuild?
Empire Manufacturing Index Soars
CPI Remains Low... Core at Lowest Level in 6 Years...

The Bad
Consumer Sentiment Sinks in April
Small Biz Continuing to Struggle
Petroleum's Impact on the Trade Deficit
Treasury Budget and Reliance on the Private Sector
Capacity Utilization Increases (Remains Low)

Asset Prices
Goldman's Stock Crushed... All the Way to Last Month's Level
Treasury Purchasing: China + U.K. = Full Picture
China Heating Up... Consumer Style

And your video of the week... the Shins' Sleeping Lessons


  1. Your Goldman Sachs headline was the best of the day IMHO! Wow indeed, totally crushed.

    The low return environment article was tops for the week for me.

    Have a great weekend.

    Oh yeah OT,
    wait until Brandon Marshall lines up against D. Revis twice a year; 100 catch season better come from 14 games! Well, he does get two against the Patriots so that may make up for it.

  2. how tough will the AFC east be this year? i figure (for your sake) the pats will be as good as always + insane jets / fins teams.

  3. Jake,
    I think the Pats are going to come in tied for 2nd with the fins... and the Bills will win the division! Ha, I must have started drinking early this weekend.