Friday, April 9, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (4/9/10)

Asset Prices
Low Quality Tide
Long Fixed Income. Short Almost Anything Else
Short Fixed Income. Long.... Almost Anything Else
Hedge Funds Roar in March
Greek Borrowing Costs Soar

Economic Data
Unemployed to Job Openings Remains Elevated
Consumer Credit Contracts from January Bounce
ISM Services Jump
U.K. Produce Prices Soar in March

Regarding the Decline in Birth Rates
Mortimer... We're Back!
The Religious Construction Collapse

And your video of the week... to celebrate Mr. Bernanke... Bloc Party's "Helicopter"

Are you hoping for a miracle?


  1. I love live music! Great pick.

    Have a great weekend and I hope Jason Taylor retires!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Three things stick out from this week's stuff - firstly, although job lay-offs have fallen off, the lack of hiring continues, and yet persists in causing little concern - the apparent rampant 'jobless recovery' continues a-go-go. Secondly, the roaring hedge fund performance last month, and the increase seen in financial services salaries illustrate we are back in the realm of a new normalcy. Then third and finally, the Bloc Party video upstaged last week's video from the most splendid The National - no mean feat.