Friday, April 2, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (4/2/10)

Opinion / Other
Does the U.S. Pay Too Little in Taxes?
When Investors Makes More than Corporations
Is Inflation Understated?
Explantion of How a Zero Boundary Causes a Steep Yield Curve

Economic Data
Are Americans Already Back to Their Old Ways?
Back in Black: Jobs Added, Unemployment Rate Stays...
ADP Employment... Not Yet "Back in Black"
Employment vs. Population Growth
Has the Inventory Rebuild FINALLY Arrived?
Chicago PMI Shows Expansion, but at Slower Pace
European Unemployment to 11 1/2 Year High
Confidence Rebounds... Remains Low
Japanese Production Takes a Breather
Japanese Consumer Showing Signs of Life

Asset Classes
For All the Recent Concern About the Treasury Sell Off
Housing Prices Flat Year-over-Year
UK Housing: The Benefit of a Weaker Currency

And your video of the week... The National with Mistaken for Strangers


  1. Have a great weekend Jake!

    did you catch this one:
    Jets Overtake Patriots as The Team to Hate

    So heavy sits the crown, HA!

  2. you as well!

    i will wear that as a badge of honor... hatred = success

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