Friday, November 6, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (11/6/09)

Importing Goods for IOU's
Did We Learn Anything? Carry Trade Edition
Health Care Bill Passes House. Politics Still SUCK

Broader Unemployment to 17.5%
Civilian Hours per Week Cliff Dive Continues
ADP Job Loss at 203,000
Stay in School...
Job Losses... Again, Worse than Reported
Retail Sales... "Low-End" Bias Dissipating
Who Needs Workers Anyhow?

Anyone Ready to Ride the Golden Bubble?
Correlation Across Stocks Spikes w/ Sell-Off

Economic Data
ISM Services Slowly Expanding
Auto Sales Stabilize
Euro Zone Producer Prices Continue to Decline
What Goes Down... Must Come Up... Factory Orders Edition
ISM Manufacturing Points to Upside Surprise
Problem Banks on a Parabolic Rise

And the video of the week... MGMT's Weekend Wars:

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