Friday, November 6, 2009

Health Care Bill Passes Through House. Politics Still SUCK

As I've previously stated, I am all for revamping a broken (make that disaster) of a health care system. So, while I am pleased by the results, the results show how broken the political system is AND how much it SUCKS.

First, take a look at the votes. 218 votes were needed and a "whopping" 220 were received.

But that is not why the system SUCKS. The vote was close... fine. BUT, the divide between parties on an issue of this importance is. How can Democrats (across the board) be so for the idea and Republicans (across the board) be so against? And how is it remotely possible that only one Republican can think this is a good idea?

Actually, it looks like that Republican may not even have voted for the bill because it was a good idea. Shocker... the vote by Rep. Joseph Cao of Louisiana may help him get reelected. Per Salon's pre-vote article:

Cao is in a unique position, because he's a first-term congressman who represents a heavily Democratic district. As a result, he'll have a hard time getting reelected as it is, and though the GOP base would undoubtedly rise up against him, Cao can use a little bipartisan credibility with the Democrats in his district. The only reason he was able to win election in the first place is because he was running against Rep. William Jefferson, who was under indictment on federal corruption charges at the time of the vote.
And that... is another reason why politics SUCK.