Sunday, November 22, 2009

The New Moon... The Power of the Women Filmgoer

"Monster" weekend for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Per the AP:

The vampire romance "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" sucked up $140.7 million in its first three days and pulled in a total of $258.8 million worldwide, according to studio estimates Sunday.

The No. 1 domestic debut for Summit Entertainment's "New Moon" was more than twice the $69.6 million haul over the same weekend last year for "Twilight," the first in the franchise based on Stephenie Meyer's novels.

"New Moon" placed third on the all-time domestic chart behind last year's $158.4 million opening weekend for the Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight" and 2007's $151.1 million haul for "Spider-Man 3."

Among the top-10 all-time openings, "New Moon" is the only one that came outside of Hollywood's busiest time, the summer season. The movie adaptation of Meyer's next "Twilight" chapter, "Eclipse," arrives in the heart of summer, next June 30.

On Friday, "New Moon" set an all-time domestic high for opening day with $72.7 million, topping the previous record of $67.2 million by last year's "The Dark Knight.
And the devoted (teen / tween / female skewed?) fans could not wait until Saturday to see the film. As detailed above, the film broke the record for the largest grossing Friday of all time and while Saturday was nothing to sneeze at, the drop from Friday was the 6th largest of all time (in percent... in $$ it was by far and away the largest).

So what kind of business can we expect from the New Moon going forward? Well, the next stage is typically driven by word of mouth based on the quality of review. And the viewers were split by just about as much as I've ever seen. Well, not viewers... just the sexes. Females LOVED the film for its Abercrombie'ish models acting. Men... not so much.

So my guess... females will continue to come out in droves. Men... not so much.

Source: Box Office Mojo / IMDB

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  1. I am still confused by Dakota Fanning's appearance in this movie