Thursday, June 4, 2009

See You in Two Weeks (or on Twitter?)

I will be traveling the world over the next two weeks with limited access to the Internet (actually that is not true, just not bringing a laptop). What will you all do without me? Actually, here are a few options...

1) EconomTwit? Not exactly (I'll stay with EconomPic, though it will be curious to see how my thoughts come across in 140 characters vs. 1 chart). Warning: at this stage I have no idea what I am doing with Twitter... but if I come across anything interesting, I will try my best to share through my Twitter profile starting next week (; you can join the whopping 14 people that currently follow me there).

2) Post yourselves! I learn more from you than you from I. Lets build on that. Use the comments section of this specific post to share interesting economic / market / security specific / political items you come across. Either in words and/or add a link. How to link in Blogger comments you ask (the full links often get cut off)?

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See you all in a few weeks...

This weeks mini EconomPics of the Week

Economic Data
ADP: Small / Mid-Size Companies are Bulk of Employ...
ISM Manufacturing
Non-Manufacturing Continues Slide
The "Miracle" Down Under
Personal Consumption Declining for Durables and Non-Durables
Service vs. Manufacturing
GDP Revision Breakout
Construction Spending on the Rise

Assets / Markets
Oil: Supply Up, Demand Down
"Mortimer We're Back" Corporate Bond Edition
U.S. Autos Rebound: Too Little, Too Late Edition
Pending Home Sales Shows Stabilization


  1. enjoy your holidays Jake and thanks for blogging!

  2. khalid from DubaiJune 5, 2009 at 6:41 AM

    Enjoy your holidays! Look forward to seeing you back here

  3. Have a good and safe trip Jake