Friday, December 12, 2008

EconomPics of the Week 12-12


Mets Owner Scammed for $300mm

$50 Billion Ponzi Scheme... We've Hit a New Low

Economic Data

Inventory to Sales Ratio on the Rise

What Inflation?

International Trade Slows in October

Still a Nation of Debt... For the Time Being

California Unemployment Soars

Export / Dollar Worries Not as Bad as You Think

Retail Goods

Retail Sales November: Hey, You Gotta Eat! Edition...

Auto Bailout Back on Track... Not

Bailout Nation

Everyone's Delevering... Well, Almost Everyone

Capitalism is Dead

Consumer Credit Drying Up

Multiplier Math: Is U.S. Protectionism on the Way?...

$15 Billion Auto Bail Out

Asset Returns / Data

Real Yield of Treasuries vs. Corporates

T-Bills: 2396 Years to Make Up YTD Equity Loss

Redefaults Looking like Original Defaults

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