Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vacation! "Greatest" Pics...

I'm finally on some much needed R&R, but first some EconomPic housekeeping....

First of all, it's very humbling to realize that this many people read my blog on a daily basis. I'm guessing it was the readers that motivated me to post 20+ entries per week. Exciting stuff, and very fun, but WAY too time consuming. Going forward, expect more from less (though knowing me that won't last long)...

Anyhow.... for those of you new to the site, take a look at some posts from the past...

June 2008
Why Not Deflation?
Do Oil Futures Impact the Cash Price? YES!!!
Low Supply of Oil: The Effect (not Cause) of Futures Prices

July 2008
Chicken or the Egg?
That 70's Show? PPI vs. CPI
Sell in May, Don't Go Completely Away...
Where's the Equity Premium?
Budget Deficit
Merrill Write-Downs to Date...
Rate Hikes / Cuts Haven't Impacted Inflation

August 2008
Merrill Lynch: 1/4 of All Historical Profits Gone
The FDIC Wants in on the Bailout Action...
Hardest Drinking U.S. Cities... and Housing?
Ener-GM Bail... I Mean Energy Bill
Not Too Fun(d), but Not Too Shabby

September 2008
Nominal vs. Real GDP: Why the GDP Deflator Overstates GDP
Income Growth / Equality by Presidential Party
Bonds Sure Look Cheap...
New "Bailout" Liabilities = Existing Publicity Traded U.S. Debt
I Thought it was Democrats that were "Big" Government

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