Friday, September 26, 2008

Final GDP Print Down .5%, even with Puny 1.1% GDP Deflator

As the world is ending (Nasdaq futures down ~50), we get a .5% reduced final GDP print (2.8% from 3.3%) that is hugely inflated by a tiny 1.1% increase in the GDP Price Index (details of why this overstates GDP here).

The "inflated" charts:


  1. I would suggest using the same scale for all the charts in this post.

  2. Are the data sources the elite class-owned and controlled federal government?

    Than I can not believe the graphs.


    The elite's bureaucracies and bureaucrats, designed to distance the ruling elites from the masses, are well-known for using data and statistics to hoodwink the masses.

    One glaring example is how unemplyment rates are made to look smaller so as to assist in placating the commoners into being more accepting of the elite's status quo.

    There have been a multitude of studies, research papers, essays by those in the know over the years to explain the tricks of the ruling elite. A Web search will inform the inquiring mind much better than my minimal abilities to comprehend and communicate are able to do.

    A royal scam foisted upon a brainwashed people. Indoctrinated from an early age to accept the elite class status quo wherein the few screw the many... and the many bleat their sheep-like delight for their masters.

    What a racket.

    Class warfare and the lower classes not only accept their lowly position but support what their masters are doing to them in the name of "patriotism."

    Love it or leave it!!!!!

    It's the greatest country on Earth!!!

    All the knee-jerk rhetoric implanted within the bleating sheep.