Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Armageddon" Trades Anyone?

In brainstorming good Armageddon Beta's (stocks that do well, should the civilization screech to a halt), I thought about what I would want and need when the financial world came to an end (maybe I watch too much CNBC, but when the bailout was voted down, they had some convincing arguments. For the record, I personally do think something is needed, actually badly needed, but did anyone really think politics work this smoothly one month before a presidential election?)

My first moves would be to build a bomb shelter, stock up on food (preferably canned), and buy some protection (I'd go with a Taser gun as I would prefer not to actually kill someone). Well, I personally can't think of any pure bomb shelter plays (although the housing index is up over the past three months), but over the past three months; Campbell Soup Co (which also happened to be the ONLY stock in the S&P 500 that was up yesterday) and Taser International are up 16% and 34% respectively. This compares very favorably to the S&P 500, which has struggled and is down 14% over that time frame.

So... question for everyone out there.... what are some other "Armageddon" Beta's?


  1. IBCIQ - twinkies
    OLN - small arms ammunition
    DEO - liquor
    PM - Marlboro cigarettes

  2. I like the suggestions, but the returns just haven't been there...

  3. I take that back... I'll track these and see how they do.

  4. SWHC - buy a gun, leave the taser at the store.