Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hollywood's Most Overpaid Movie Stars

Per Forbes:

To calculate our payback figures, we took half of each film's worldwide box office (to roughly approximate the studio's cut of each ticket). Then we added the first three months of DVD revenues and subtracted the budget to derive the film's gross income. After that, the actor's total compensation (upfront pay plus any money earned from sharing in the film's profits) was divided into the gross income to get the actor's payback figure for the film. The payback for the last three movies for each actor was averaged to calculate ultimate payback. We deliberately used gross income rather than net income in our analysis because the latter figure is so easily manipulated by studio accountants, with marketing expenses treated differently for almost every film.
I just took their payback figure and inverted it to create a "salary as a percent of gross income". Not Nicole's year...


  1. Jake - not sure I get it. I would think a low return vs dollar paid would be worse than a high return. So does this mean the person all the way on the right is worse that the person on the left?

  2. i'll be honest. it is a pretty lame chart. the person on the way right is indeed the more overpaid.