Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anyone Ready to Ride the Golden Bubble?

Gold is now up more than 4% over the last two trading days and showed strength during last week's equity and commodities sell-off. BUT, looking at the below chart, it is possible that "we ain't seen nothing yet".

As I detailed back in March, I have been "Ready to Ride the Golden Bubble", not on logic, but on the frenzy.

I've learned my lesson with the Internet Bubble (and recent housing bubble) that most people are illogical and invest based on fear (sometimes fearing loss, sometimes fearing they will miss out on the next big thing) and money can be made even if the premise makes absolutely no sense in the long run. As long as fear reigns supreme and equity markets remain volatile, there will be plenty of people convinced gold is the only "safe" investment.
So if the train is leaving... is anyone else on board?