Friday, November 5, 2010

EconomPics of the (Past Two) Week(s)

Asset Performance
Equities Poised for Breakout?
End of the Bond Bull Market
Everything is a Winner!
Fed is Literally and Figuratively "Printing Money"
Productivity and Equities
Front-End Loves... Long-End Hates... QEII
The Race to the Bottom Continues
Housing Rebound Stalls
MSFT vs. AAPL Earnings

Economic Data
Wages and Inflation
Employment Reports Split
Economy Showing Signs of Life
On the Value of High Yield
More on GDP
GDP Bounces... Still Below Trend
No Bounce in Income
Manufacturing Growth Strong in October
Auto Sales Jump in October
Services Bouncing Back
Large Corporations Aren't Hiring

Levels Matter: Cry Me a River Edition
What is So F'n Funny?

And your video of the week... Radiohead with Nice Dream (love this tune)


  1. No worries, I know you have other things to do, but I do enjoy your picks!

    Have a great weekend jake.

  2. Love Radiohead! I saw them live in Worcester Mass in college and when they wailed out Karma Police it was amazing. Nice pick.

  3. I dug up an old CD from a band a bunch of my friends in college were in. The song is called "Ghetto Starlight" and I posted it tonight if you want to peruse it. What a throwback! I still think that tune was pretty good.