Saturday, November 20, 2010

EconomPics of the (Back in a Few) Week

Taking a breather... posts to resume in a few weeks.

Rocky Mountain High
Japanese Economy Grows... Nominal GDP Back to 1993 Levels

Economic Indicators
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Leading Indicators Rise in October
New York Business Conditions "Deteriorate" in November

Core CPI at All-Time Series Low
CPI Tame in October
The Impact of QEII

New Home Starts Dive in October
Consumer Continues to Spend

And in honor of my break... The Bouncing Souls with Gone.


  1. Enjoy the time off Jake! You and me both.

    Great pick for music. I drudged up a bunch of covers of various things tonight that were fun.

    All my best for you and yours through the holidays. Thanks for everything.

  2. After that stunning last moment victory over the Titans, do really think you can/should go "a few weeks" w/o trumpeting about the J-E-T-S???

  3. Next Monday night........J-E-T-S Jets vs Patriots! HUGE game.