Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CPI Tame in October

Marketwatch details:

U.S. consumer inflation decelerated in October, the Labor Department said Wednesday. The consumer price index increased 0.2% in October, driven by a 2.6% gain in energy prices. Other price increases were moderate, including food. The core CPI, excluding food and energy costs, was flat for the third straight month in October. Economists were expecting the CPI to rise 0.3% in October and for the core rate to rise 0.1%. In the past year, the CPI has risen 1.2%. The core rate is up 0.6%, the slowest pace on record and well below the Fed's target of about a 2% rate.

Source: BLS

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  1. Michael Cain: What is your solution for the impending deflation? Nothing? Because doing something might cause inflation because Sarah Palin said so?
    And Wisdom seeker - Seek this- Is not the unemployment rate outside the Fed's target? Are all those unemployed people chopped liver? Why is the Fed not doing anything about this? Why is the congress sitting on its hands threatening to not extend unemployment insurance? But oh so anxious to make sure the top .1% gets their full share (1/4) of the American pie?
    What wisdom is there in that?